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Jobs in Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) 2023

The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has unfurled a fresh array of opportunities, beckoning adept individuals from the realm of Pakistani nationals to step into the roles of Scientific Officers, Scientific Assistants, Drivers, Field Assistants, Clerks, Computer Assistants, and an array of other vacancies. For those eager to cast their lot in with the PARC vacancy, the criteria unfurl thus: the questers of these positions must bear the academic laurels of Matric, Intermediate, Diploma, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degrees in their quiver. A tapestry woven with diligence, the applications of the qualified must be placed upon the altar of consideration on or before the sundown of April 3, 2023. Among the constellation of aspirants, only those stars destined for the firmament of shortlisting shall be beckoned forth for the solemn rites of written trials and oral interrogations. Cast your eyes upon the scroll of enlightenment below to glimpse the PARC’s tapestry of vacancies and posts, discern the contour of eligibility, and unravel the skein of requisites that unfurl forth.


Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Jobs 2023


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Table of Contents:

  •   Organization
  •   Positions Vacant
  •   Qualification Required
  •    Number Of Positions Vacant
  •   Location
  •   Last date To Submit Application


(PARC) Pakistan Agricultural Research

Positions Vacant:

  • Scientific Officers
  • Scientific Assistants
  • Drivers
  • Field Assistants
  • Clerks
  • Computer Assistants
  • Other


Qualification Required:

  • Matric
  • Intermediate
  • Diploma
  • Bachelor
  • Masters Degree

Number Of Positions Vacant:

Numerous Positions are currently unoccupied.


The designated work site is nestled within the vibrant confines of Islamabad, Pakistan.


Last date To Submit Application:

3rd September 2023

How To Apply:

Kindly be informed that applications for the aforementioned positions should be diligently submitted through the official portal of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) at This digital gateway stands as the sole conduit for the procession of your aspirations, providing a streamlined and secure path for your candidature to be duly considered. Your voyage towards joining the ranks of PARC commences with a few keystrokes on this online platform, ensuring that your intentions are received and acknowledged in the realm of cyberspace.


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