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The Vanguard of Specialization (TVS) is in search of an adept Technical Wordsmith to bolster a mission in conjunction with the Department of Transportation (USDOT). The crux of this endeavor is to bolster the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the evolution of enhanced performance benchmarks and their corresponding literature. The aspiration is to harmonize with novel regulatory prerequisites while tending to NHTSA’s mandate of mitigating the fallout of road traffic collisions and augmenting roadstead security.

This role will spearhead the generation and honing of technical manuscripts earmarked for dissemination. Moreover, it entails an active participation in program schematic designs and an appraisal of program prerequisites. This individual, in tandem with the Outreach Maestro, will shoulder the onus of crafting documents, summaries, and vital publications. Furthermore, the Technical Scribe will oversee the streamlined distribution of data and documentation to researchers, encapsulating outcomes eloquently within scripted summations.



  • Forge and revise technical literature to meet exacting benchmarks for public consumption.
  • Engage in programmatic blueprints and scrutinize the program’s landscape to gauge the documentation imperative and program stipulations.
  • Forge a close collaboration with the Outreach Virtuoso to birth documents, synopses, and printed materials that mirror the project’s aspirations.
  • Facilitate the promulgation of data, documents, and summaries to researchers, ensuring pinpoint precision and punctual delivery.
  • Condense research discoveries and accomplishments into lucid, succinct written briefings.
  • Operate in harmony with project factions to amass technical content, ensuring precision and uniformity across all documentation.
  • Supervise the composition and curation of technical dossiers, ensuring version control and ready accessibility.
  • Inspect and refine documents to ensure limpidity, logical progression, and fidelity to established parameters.
  • Forge a connection with experts in the field to secure the precision and totality of the technical manuscripts.
  • Contribute to the genesis of templates, style compendiums, and zenith practices for the craft of technical prose.

Technical content writer



  • Undergraduate degree in a pertinent domain, such as the Art of Technical Literature, Communicative Prowess, or a kindred discipline.
  • Demonstrable experience as a Luminary in Technical Discourse, flaunting an impressive anthology of technical texts and narratives.
  • Ineptitude in the art of crafting and revising technical substance for an array of readerships.
  • Familiarity with the mechanics of program formulation and the assessment of the documentation prerequisite.
  • Meticulous devotion to minutiae and the faculty to expound intricate concepts with eloquence and brevity.
  • Capability to synergize seamlessly with heterogeneous assemblages and specialists in their field.
  • Exemplary organizational finesse for the coordination of myriad undertakings and the governance of textual versions.
  • Proficiency in deploying tools of the technical authorship trade, software par excellence, and techniques of meticulous formatting.
  • Exemplary communicative dexterity, both scripturally and vocally.
  • Familiarity with the orchestration of data proliferation and an acumen for deciphering and encapsulating research results.

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